Why terms&conditions/rules&regulations or Government/Private business deal terms are difficult to understand?

If I take a loan to buy a car,the voluminous terms&conditions is very confusing,.
If I buy a property I am at my wit’s end to decipher what they say in the paper.
Similarly any court dealing runs into many pages.
Once I repaid my 5-year housing loan in three years.
For this they penalized me by a considerable amount.They call it pre-payment charges.

Why they are not straight and simple.

Can the derivative segment be activated on two accounts with two brokers on nse?

Suppose I have two trading accounts with two separate brokers in india. Now, can the derivative segment be activated on both accounts or not? Can I trade in derivative on both accounts ? Can I place order and reverse orders both using two accounts with two brokers i.e. If I place a buy order in any stock future on nse on my first brokers account, then can I place a sell order also on the second account to benefit the fluctuation on stock prices.


How do property dealers cheat their customers?

It has been seen that property dealers take away huge amount , apart from their commision in a deal.They quote different prices for buyers and seller and take away the difference . How do they do it?Does anybody know the ways to avoid it?