ULIP or Endowment Plan which is the best for me to invest 5k pm each for my retirement n my daughter’s future?

Hi All,
I am pretty confused whether to take up a LIC or a Ulip for the long term investment. After searching the net and taking to the agents I am totally lost.

My budget is 10k pm. Out of that I want to invest 5k for my 11/2 yr daughter’s bright future and 5k for my retirement and insurance.

Can anyone pls suggest me any good Child Ulip which will cover the life of both the parents as almost all the Ulips cover only the father or the person on whom the Ulip is taken.

Coming to my retirement and insurance(both the combination), pls suggest me with the best plans available in the market(both endowment and ulip)

Also if I allocate the funds in my Ulip in such a way that most of my money will be invested into debit instruments and less into equities then will this secure my returns?? In which charges will be more, Ulip or LIC… ?

Thanks so much,

How can i pay my credit card bill online if it is Mastercard??

Hellow, I am having ICICI Bank credit card. Which is visa powered card. So that i can pay my credit card bill by visa money transfer method by my ICICI Bank internet banking. I too have BOB Card which is Master card powered. How can i make payment for mastercard?? Which bank is providing facility to transfer fund to Master card like Visa Money transfer??

How father’s ancestral property will be divided among his successors?

My maternal grandfather had 7 successors (4 daughters + 3 sons) elder son has died (in army war at kargil) leaving behind his wife n two sons. Now 2 sons 1 daughter in law and 4 daughters are there. One of the two sons left has made a house on residential plot of that ancestral property from his own earnings + Indira Awaas Fund given to his father. Now what will be the share of all successors and how will that be devided.