Can my American born daughter inherit property from me which is in India?

I was born in India. My daughter was born in USA. I have some agricultural land and a house in India. Can I pass it on to her? Does she have to accept the citizenship of India and giveup that of America for thet? Does India allow dual citizenship?

I did not know where exactly this question should be placed? I did not see any category named legal.

Thank you for taking time and answering my question.

Good child insurance plans in India?

I have a 2-yr old daughter. Are there any good child insurance plans from LIC or the private insurers? I am looking at the traditional schemes, not the unit-linked ones.

“I am not interested in ULIP schemes”. So, please don’t suggest those. Thanks.

A rebuilt paternal property can be willed or not?

I have inherited a bungalow along with my four brothers and now we are all going to rebuild 8 flats, 2 for each brother (including me) with our money on inherited land. The question is will this still be treated as inherited property so I can not Will it according to my wish and it will compulsorily be divided in my three heirs that is my wife, son and daughter or can I Will it according to my wishes as my own acquired property?

(Question about Indian Hindu laws) How would property be distributed in this case after death of owner?

Hindu family, living in Delhi, India. All of them are Indians.

Property owned by Woman who has already died.
Living members of that famliy: Her husband, and their children as follows:
Eldest daughter (married with two kids), Elder son (married with one kid), Youngest son (unmarried).
The youngest son who is still unmarried is major in age.

So which laws of inheritance would be applicable and how would the property be transferred?

Please answer only if you know about applicable Hindu and other Indian laws.