For a person having Rs. 1 crore cash and no other property, is job security a concern?

Even at 8% interest rate on fixed deposit, annual income will be Rs. 8 lakh ( after tax deduction Rs. 7.1 Lakh).
Nearly Rs. 59,000 per month, which can be considered a decent salary(like in a job). Is there any flaw in this concept?
Govt. job provides job security. But involves unpredictable transfers .Net starting salary is around Rs.45,000 with 3% growth per year.
In the above concept , one can stay in a place stably and do a job such as teaching in a college.
Any flaw?

how to invest rupees 2 crore safely?

im disposing a property and likely to receive 4 crores in it. Please advise, how can i allocate this fund to which places? As soon as i get the money how can i safe guard it? how much can i put in a bank or couple of banks? what are the other options to keep the money safe till i get in to a proper investment which will take around 4-6 months.

Also im planning to invest 2 crores in market. can someone give an insight in to it.

1 crore life insurance in india?

Hello All,

I am 29, s/w engineer, want to have a full term life insurance policy in India of Rs.1 crore for a very long period of time (35+ years, may be till end of my life), can anyone suggest me please-

1- Which company will be best to give at lowest yearly premium rate?
2- How much lowest premium rate would be?

Please provide any other suggestion if you can. Thanks a lot in advance !!


How are the five members representing the government more competent?

How can one presume the five members representing the government more competent and capable than the five members representing the civil society in the Lokpal bill drafting committee? The government representatives rejected all suggestions of the civil society members. They never adopted the ‘give and take’ principle which is the basis of any negotiations between two indviduals or groups. Not only the suggestions were summarily rejected but the civil society members were ridiculed at times. Now when Anna Hazare followers have rallied behind in lakhs throughout the country, we hear the Prime Minister saying: We are doing all to fight graft; need comprehensive restructuing of government procedures; need right thinking persons and systemetic changes; governance failures need to be addressed; Lokpal needs judicial reforms for fast trials, judgements; many controversies because of inadequacy of regulatory institutions; and creation of Lokpal will help but not solve the problem…..’ There have been many commissions in the past who recommended electoral reforms, police reforms, judicial reforms but government slept over them wasting time in creating vote banks through financial profligacy and throwing fiscal discipline to the winds and at the same time enhance the scope and magnitude of corruption and defrauding the public funds under the cover of subsidies to the scale of Rs. 5,00,000 crore annually through introducing schemes which make the people dole dependant (MNREGA), kill initiative by distributing heavily subsidized food grains to majority of the urban and rural masses (Food Security Act), bring incipient mediocrity (Right to Education Act), make health insurance business sick and beyond the means of the government (Universal health Insurance underwirtten by the government) and make the nation bankrupt. Can India afford the luxury of such a welfare state and will out political class ever allow such support to the masses unless they can manage to retain and corner a njor share for themselves out of this largacy. This is coup of unprecedented scale on the Indian citizens.

To expect an effective legislation addressing the ground realities in all fairness is extremely difficult when many of the elected members have serious criminal cases against them and many more are in business and industry which can be helped through the above said schemes. Since some liquor barons are already in the legislature there are tutored campaings these days to reduce the legal age from 25 to 18 for consuming liquor. There is another thoughtless and useless scheme of UID launched by the government which will ultimately cost the nation Rs. 40,000 crore. We should not give up ages old wisdom as a nation and make our country a self reliant, classless and casteless society.