Can you sell a land which you own, without the wife’s consent?

If the husband owns a land which he bought from his hard earned money. Can he sell the land without his wife’s or children’s consent? If not, please tell why? what is the law behind it? If there is a law, why arent they checking when you are selling the property? Please elaborate.

I am talking about an Indian Property Law. Sorry I should have mentioned it earlier. My bad!

Forgot to file something on my taxes this year?

I have already filed my taxes for this year and just realized a major error.

My per the ITR, my taxable income is about Rs. 8 lakhs. But actually, it is about Rs. 8.8 lakhs.

Should I submit an amendment to my ITR, and how to do it? Is this a serious issue, and should I be concerned about this error?

BTW, I completed studies and started working last year, and this is the second time I’m filing my taxes.