Composition of Mutual fund portfolio?

Dear friends,
I am 29 years old and recently started investing in MFs through SIP. I have the following portfolio.

SBI magnum contra : Rs 3000 per month.
HDFC Top 200 : Rs 3000 per month.
Reliance Growth – RP : Rs 3000 per month.
Sundaram SMILE : Rs 3000 per month.

I want stay invested in above MFs for atleast 5 years. Please note all above MF investments I am doing are through SIP.

I have the following questions.
1. How does my portfolio looks (50% aggressive, and 50% in largecaps). Please suggest me if any alterations are required in my portfolio.
2. I would like to add another Rs 2000 to “HDFC Top 200” and make monthly SIP Rs 5000 per month. Or should I start another SIP with HDFC Prudence Rs 2000/- per month.

Thanks in advance for spending your valuable time and answering my queries.

Best Regards