Gold ETF Tax and ITR -2 columns/schdule?

I have sold few gold etf units as per following details
1. 5 units with holding of 9 months (Gain 10,000)
2. 10 units with holding of 15 monts (Gain 20,000)
3. 7 units with holding of 4 years ( Gain 25,000)

I want to know what tax rates are applicable of these gains
and in which column/schdeules these gains have to be shown in ITR-2

What is the ecs bounce charge of ICICI Bank?

I was paying the premium amount of a life insurance through ECS (ICICI Bank). Due to the lack of money in my account I plan to pay through credit card. Even if I pay by credit card the transaction will be done automatically (which can’t be disabled). So I cant avoid the bounce. Is there a way around to avoid the bounce?