the govt promoted home loan and in the new income tax code wants to eliminate benefits. it is fair.?

the governement allowed all sorts of benefits on houme loans and now in the new income tax code, it is to be eliminated. is it fair. how do you take it. besides all financial benefits including pensionary benefits are to be taxed. where is the incentive. there is no meaning for welfare savings. should not the home loan benefit be continued to promote housing sector.

New Tax Code India 2011?

Hi, I have LIC JEEVAN SARAL policy started in 2008. Though it allows for partial withdrawals after 10 yrs, i planning it for my retirement purpose. so will withdraw all amount on maturity after 35 yrs.
But as per new tax code proposed in 2011, will that final withdrawal will be taxable / will be tax-free? ( As per the new tax code, PPF withdrawals will be taxable)

Where from to get the IFSC code of AXIS Bank?


I am from INDIA. I want to know the IFSC Code of the AXIS Bank (old UTI Bank). Actually, I want to link my PayPal account with my AXIS Bank’s account and for that purpose I need IFSC(Indian Financial System Code) Code of the Branch of AXIS Bank’s where my account is. I had searched several places and have got that, but I need any authorized source of getting the IFSC Code.