Why don’t the Government make liberal Income Tax laws for the salaried class in India?

The salaried class in India usually have limited source of income, yet this class have got to burn mid-night oil and be always on the lookout for new investment opportunities through which they may save for the rainy days as well as get some rebate in Income Tax under various Sections of Income Tax laws unlike big industrialists, businessmen, film stars and some sportsmen, a good number of whom often cheat Government in paying Income Tax or become defaulters, as reported in the newspapers from time to time.

How much interest will 48,.000 USD give in icci or sbi per mth?

namaste just wante to find out how much interest per mth
useable interest will one recive per mth banking 48,000 USD
in icci or sbi – that is to ay for a foreigner –

how much would one need as an average middle class person family life as
in rent for apartment food electric bill medical and travel and chool fees – ????