how very senior citizens can file their income tax return without physically going to the IT office ?

there are a very large no of income tax payers who prepare their returns all by themselves .The amount of tax is small or it may be even nil in some cases.If it is sent by registered post, the acknowledgement form is not received back.
If it is submitted electronically, there is the question of digital signature,( to subscribe to a digital signature is a costly proposition). In these days of electronics how it can be done in a proper way ?

The answer is to be on the Indian context

Can anybody predict the Nifty range tomorrow?

I have purchased 125 shares of Kotak Mahindra Bank @ Rs 561 but the mkts are supposed to go down in the coming week so it is better to sell it off (with marginal profits if possible.) Can anyone tell me whether this scrip can reach Rs 570 level tomorrow?

Repayment of LIC home loan from a different branch in country?

Hi all,

I have taken a home loan from LIC HFL-Bangalore in Rajaji branch.I have a ECS clearnce option for my EMI.However,I have now relocated to Visakhapatnam from Bangalore .I want to know if I can repay some part of my home loan from any branch in Visakhapatnam or I have to do it only from Bangalore branch.


Credit card for non US citizens?

I need someone to tell me if there is a way to apply for a VALID credit (Visa ,Master , others )card with US address for non US citizens .

I want to shop from Microsoft but it’s only for limited countries ,is there any work around method ?

By the way I live in Middle east now .
By the way I live in Middle East now .

Best Health Insurance/Mediclaim for Senior Citizens in India?

I have seen that in India people above 45 find it difficult to get a good Health Insurance Cover. Moreover for people above 60 it is a daunting task to get a simple coverage with least sublimits. Can anyone help on this? I will be really grateful.

Also how much can I claim as Tax Benefit for Parents?