Are citibank credit cards good?

Is a Citibank credit card a good card to have? If so are there any good college cards with a high limit? I have 720+ across the 3 bureaus and never missed a payment as well as low balances. I need one high limit credit card because my highest limit right now is 1300. Any suggestions whether it be Citi or another bank?

How to complaint about this bank?

I am getting repeated calls from citi bank asking me to buy a citi bank credit card,i told them many times i am not interested but still i am getting the calls which is disturbing me.Can anyone guide me how to complain and to whom to complain it.

How to increase the credit card Credit Limit ..I am confused?

I am using CIti bank Credit Card
My credit limit which the Bank has allotted was on the basis of mine first job but now i am into my second job and i getting double salary here ….I had a word with customer support people regarding the same ,They guided me to send them the latest salary slip.After doing that also i got a response that they can’t do any thing on it
Kindly be patient may be in future they will increase
can any one guide me what should i do now

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what is the procedure for settlement of citifinance housing loan?

i have taken H L from citi f inance . since i am not able to pay the emi’s, i need to settle it. i have taken 59 lakhs and have paid 15 lakhs till date. i am in the defaulter list now. i need to settle it for the least possible amount since there is no market to sell my house.
any one please help me in this regard !!!!!!!! please!!