How to write a cheque to yourself?

I need to transfer funds from my one bank account to another a/c in another bank but forgot passwords of the internet banking ID. So, I plan to drop a cheque in the atm dropbox. How do I address the cheque?

Jeremy, but I am dealing with 2 different banks. Will yourself be acceptable in this case or Do I need to write my name over there?

What action shall be taken if finance company deposits my cheque given for security reason?

I bought a 2 wheeler using finance. They take my money from my bank by ECS method without interruption on monthly basis. Now they have deposited my cheque also given for security reasons . Now i have to run post to pillar to get statements from bank supporting the same and submit it to finance company and beg behind them .. This affects my work in a greater way. Shall I approach consumer court ? How I will be benefited ?

How to write a cheque for another city?

I am staying at Sonepat Haryana , India and has an account in hdfc bank here.My brother stays at Raipur Chhattisgarh he has an account of state bank of India. I want to send a cheque to him . How can I send I mean please guide me how to write first line in the cheque .