Does NRI get loan in India to start own business?

I am NRI working abroad for the past one year, planning to start my own business in chennai looking for a loan to start my business.
as NRI can I get business start up loan from any financial institution in chennai? are how can i get loan to start my business? plz give me a detailed answer.

I want to buy a fountain pen with gold pointed nib.where can I buy?

About 35 years ago fountain pens,with gold nibs, like Gama .Black-bird etc were available in Chennai for buying as gold price was cheap at that time.But as gold cost is soaring now ,fountain pens with gold-pointed nibs are not sold.But still Iam desperately trying to buy a fountain pen with gold nib ,if available any where .Will you tell me the source?

needs admission for 6th and 7th Std. in current session for my children. I am transferred from Chennai?

I am working as Chief Manager in Punjab National Bank. I am residing at D1-S, PNB Officers’ Quarters 8, Underhill Road, Civil Lines Delhi. I am tranferred from Chennai and my childern are studying in St. Johns’ School, CBSE syllabus, at Chennai. I propose to shift my family during the current academic session.
1. Arvindh Subramania 7th Std.
2. Hemanth Subramania 6th Std.
I request your goodself to consider the same and provide admission.

How can I get Income Tax benefit from HRA?

Presently I am outside India for the last 10 months.My parents live in Kolkata.I work in a chennai based MNC, but I have no accomodation there.In such case,is it possible to get house rent slips from my Father and submit them as HRA in order to obtain the tax benefit.How is it possible or is it possible at all?

Thanks in advance