What do I do if I get a fake currency note from ATM?

Suppose I withdraw money from some ATM and it turns out that one Rs500 is fake. What do I do then? I think the banks probably keep record of the numbers of new currency notes but what about old notes? Is there any difference between way of handling the issues of new and old fake currency note(s) from ATM? How can I prove to that bank authority that I really withdrew the fake note from their ATM?

Can college going students get a Credit Card ?

Credit Card is generally given to Salaried persons and businessmen. And the credit card issued has “credit limit” equal to the amount they have in their Bank Account. It requires a maintenance fee. And each credit is issued at some interest.

So can students get a credit card ? Is there anything else I need to be careful abt Credit Cards ?

How much Car Loan will I get ?

I am working with a reputed private company. My present net onhand salary is Rs. 35,000 per month ? I want to buy fully loaded Wagon R VXi on road price Rs.4,85,000. How much loan I will able to get ?

Is interest paid on Car Loan Tax Deductible?

I am currently self employed and would like to purchase a passenger vehicle for general business use. For this purpose, I am planning to take loan from a government bank.

Will the interest portion on the EMI paid be deductible from my income tax calculations? If yes, then what percent of the interest amount is deducted from the income tax?

I have tried searching everywhere and could not find the answer to this question!
I live in Calcutta, India