Tax on derivatives share transactions ? Loss set-up ?

Can U clarify please that share F&O or derivatives transactions profit is a business come like anyother business income & clubbing loss or profit like any other business ? or it’s purely speculative business ? what expenditure we can exempt ? like brokerage, service tax, phone bill, stamp duty, sebi fee, STT from the total profit from it ? can we make set-up of capital gain & speculative share income
each other ? and how many years we can carry forward loss if any ? what is my tax liabilty if i have an income of Rs. 1 lakh from delivery profit ( within year,& paid STT ) & 2 lakh from derivatives profit , brokerage & other exp. is 30, 000 , & I have invested profit Rs., 10,000 in my PPF ?.
Thank You.

Capital Gains on inherited property after re-development?

Our property is 50 years old & are developing residential scheme on our own (finance through bank – mortage loan against land). Out of say 4 units we are planning to sell 2 units & balance 2 units wiil be kept for self occupancy. In this case are we supposed to pay any capital gains tax? Experts Please respond.

NRI.Besides Salary income also have short term capital gain.Tax liability, forms and challans for e remittance

I am working in Middle East since April-2007. My current salary is INR.12 Lakhs per annum and is totally non taxable.
Apart from above income, I have made a short term capital gain of about INR 2.5 Lakhs by trading in Indian stock markets in this fiscal year so far.

My annual savings includes the following.

1. Public provident Fund1.00 Lakh
2. LIC premium0.60 Lakh
3. LIC Pension scheme premium0.10 Lakh
4. Tax saver ULIP 0.78 Lakh

My queries are:

1.What is my present tax liability?
2.If there is any liability, how and where do I remit the tax?
3.Which form is to be used for filling the return?

How to buy new house before disposing earlier one?

I own an apartment in Delhi. I want to shift to another part of the city. Recently my father-in-law has disposed of his house in Delhi. Is it possible that he buys an apartment in my or his daughters name out of his funds and I move to that house, then I can dispose of my house and buy him back a new house. Is it correct to carry out such transactions from the capital gain and or other tax related issues prevalent in India?