Is Capital Gain from Gold ETF considered under section 111 A ?

I have sold gold ETF with a holding period of less than 1 year. This is a short term capital gain.

1. I would like to know the tax rate for this capital gain from gold ETF ?
2. Under which section should I mention this capital gain tax in return form -2 ? Is this STCG under section 111A or not ?
Should this be filled in A(6) of schedule CG ?

How profit earned on a flat booking taxed?

I had booked a flat in the year 2007. After that construction started. The construction is now complete. I wish to sell the same to a buyer even before the flat being registered in my name, i.e. the sale deed will be between me, the builder, and the buyer, which will be executed in Feb 2012. I will earn some amount from this sale. How the income tax will be levied on this transaction. Whether it will be a capital gain, and if so, short term or long term?

Tax on derivatives share transactions ? Loss set-up ?

Can U clarify please that share F&O or derivatives transactions profit is a business come like anyother business income & clubbing loss or profit like any other business ? or it’s purely speculative business ? what expenditure we can exempt ? like brokerage, service tax, phone bill, stamp duty, sebi fee, STT from the total profit from it ? can we make set-up of capital gain & speculative share income
each other ? and how many years we can carry forward loss if any ? what is my tax liabilty if i have an income of Rs. 1 lakh from delivery profit ( within year,& paid STT ) & 2 lakh from derivatives profit , brokerage & other exp. is 30, 000 , & I have invested profit Rs., 10,000 in my PPF ?.
Thank You.

Income from Tuition; Which form is applicable?

If a person has income from following sources:
3)bank/post office interest
Whether he has to fill Form ITR2 or ITR4 for AY 2009-10 in India?
Will income from tuition not be considered as ‘income from profession’? Then it will require form 4.
I think Capital gain income can be shown in any ITR form.

How to buy new house before disposing earlier one?

I own an apartment in Delhi. I want to shift to another part of the city. Recently my father-in-law has disposed of his house in Delhi. Is it possible that he buys an apartment in my or his daughters name out of his funds and I move to that house, then I can dispose of my house and buy him back a new house. Is it correct to carry out such transactions from the capital gain and or other tax related issues prevalent in India?