I have form 16, now I wanted to calculate tax for bank intrest income. How can I caluculate this?

I got form 16 from my current employer however Income accrue from bank interest is not mentioned. I wanted to pay self assesment tax for bank interest. How can I arrive at the Total Tax liability given the fact that I already have TDS certificate so I would not like to caluculate over all tax using tools where u have to mention salary details and interest

How to calculate income from multiple House Properties?

I am salaried employee with salary of Rs100000 p.m.(Out of which 12000 is H.R.A.). I have 3 houses for which I’ve taken loans from different banks. All houses are vacant. In addition I pay House Rent of Rs 10000 p.m. My question is how much I can claim as loss from House Property against these houses. And can I claim exemption for H.R.A.?