What is the best way to be free from threat calls from financiers?

My friend got loan from a financier for his daughter’s marriage. He promised to pay the monthly interest after he gets salary every month. All on a sudden there was loss in his company and employees were laid off. He didn’t pay the interest for 3 months. The Financier is repeatedly giving threat calls. He is confused. He has started a small business now with a small investment. Any help?

What are the options available for home business for women from Madurai ?

Dear Friends,
I'm from Madurai. I would like to know about the wide options available to start a home-based business with small investment.
Especially, with regard to textiles and tailoring, are there opportunities available to get any job work and do it from home.
Also, I don't know about the work providers in Madurai.
Please help me providing all the details of home business with small investment.
Thank you.