How to register company in Andhra Pradesh , India. for IT business and better Tax benefits?

Hi All,

I would like to register company in Andhra Pradesh , India.
This new company will be doing business in Information Technology area.
And it will be child or sister concern company for USA based company.

Could any one give us detailed procedures on how to register company and different types of companies and different tax structures and where is the best location in Andhra Predesh to get more tax benefits?

And kind of help is greatly appreciated.


Why terms&conditions/rules&regulations or Government/Private business deal terms are difficult to understand?

If I take a loan to buy a car,the voluminous terms&conditions is very confusing,.
If I buy a property I am at my wit’s end to decipher what they say in the paper.
Similarly any court dealing runs into many pages.
Once I repaid my 5-year housing loan in three years.
For this they penalized me by a considerable amount.They call it pre-payment charges.

Why they are not straight and simple.

If you are in India, especially Goa, and you are familiar with the real estate business…?

If you are in Goa and familiar with the real estate business, you may be able to do two things for me, please: I am looking for a good property there on the beach and want to deal with good agents. Secondly I am looking for a friend and wonder if you can help me find him. He is Jose Menezes, an architect from Mombasa, who has acquired a property to retire there, probably on the beach. Are either of both these possible to do?