Should i take home loan from a bank the builder is suggesting?

I am planning to buy a flat on bank loan. I’ve checked with various banks about my eligibility and it’s fine.Builder in whose building i’ll buy flat, is insisting that i take loan from a particular bank which has already approved his project. He says it will cut hassles for him and loan will get processed faster. Do you think it’s fine to go with the bank builder is suggesting? Or should i go with different bank as it will again check all the legal docs of building?

What Benefits do a 100Sqft Flat Owner get in Re-Development?

Actually my society is thinking of redevelopment of the society and i have a single room of nearly 100 sqft. It is ownership flat and i have heard different views from different people. I have heard that minimum a builder has to give for small flats is 250 sqft.
Can Any One give any idea on this, will be of great help. Thank You.