Paypal won’t let me use my Mastercard?

I want to purchase a laptop on ebay for my boyfriend. costs around 800$. The seller is only accepting paypal. so I joined paypal last week. I added a Debit MasterCard. Paypal deducted 1.95$ and asks for the code as usual. The code was nowhere to be found either on card statement or pass book. I met the bank manager, he said there is no code in entire transaction detail. Now, I purchased a VCC to get my paypal verified. I verified my account. But when I try to purchase again it says “enter 4 digit paypal verification code”. Its been a week and I just don’t know how to complete payment. What should I do?

Can I transfer my present SBI Savings account in zero balance account?

I have savings account in State Bank of India. I have taken cheque book facility, ATM card and net banking facility. Can I transfer this account into zero balance account? My transaction goes to a very up down level as near to 50 Rs or 50000 . But I cant maintain a minimum balance in it. Please help if you know details about it. Otherwise no need to waste the time. Thanks in Advance.

how much financial adcisor charge for giving advise?where we can get free advise?

Wrote letter to ‘PRESIDENT OF INDIA’



As per survey taken by ‘’RS.INVESTMENT’s’’ 68% of people in India don’t know
How to manage their finance neither they can afford to pay the high fee of financial advisor

In today’s world getting knowledge for ur finance is very important. But when we ask for any knowledge the CFP do charge to manage our finance

I have wrote to president and education minister regarding this that there should be subject in every stream after 12th STD where student can understand about capital market and financial market . so according to that each an every individual can plan there finances.

Savings Bank Account ,Money Market Funds (also known as liquid funds) ,Bank Fixed Deposit (Bank FDs) ,Post Office Savings Schemes (POSS), Public Provident Fund (PPF) ,Company Fixed Deposits (FDs) ,Bonds and Debentures , Mutual Funds

These are the basic things where we should be having knowledge about
And I demand for free advise in today’s market so that the people in India should save money not book losses in capital market

Every time when there is big market correction we always here suicide cases through out India

I will be writing to SEBI as well to get each and every broker and operator should be given training for capital advise and financial advise


give information abt share agreement bwn land owner and builder?

i am planning to buy flat in bangalore. when i verified all documents, i came to know that the agreement which has share (50% and 50%) bwn land owner and builder has been registered. But the agreement which has exact share(which flat belongs to whom ) is not registered. is this agreement also need to be registered?

I have piece of land to make my home and size is front30ft,long45ft kindly help me to make map of my home?

I have piece of land to make my home and size of plot is front: 30feet, length:45feet kindly someone help me to make map of my dream home with 3beds with baths, TV lounge, drwing+dining, kitchen and car parking. I shall be highly gratefull if somebody can help me to make the map. Thank you in advance and God bless you Sir. The knowledge is like wealth and I strongly believe someone must help me.