Looking for good mutual funds for investing?

Could you please give a list of good mutual funds for investing (SIP or normal) ? Provide the name of the funds.
Looking for MF in Indian market
Sorry bad term .
“Good”: MF that are well managed and had decent returns and expected to do well in future.

Can anybody explain following Actuarial problems step by step?

Can anybody explain following Actuarial problems step by step?
1.Mohan and John have equal amounts of money to invest. Mohan purchases a 10 year annuity-due with annual payments of Rs. 2500 each. John invests his money in a savings account earning 9% effective annual interest for two years. At the end of two years, he purchases a 15-year immediate annuity with annual payments of Z. If both annuities are valued using an effective annual rate of 8% find the value of Z.
2.In fund X money accumulates at force of interest δt = .01t+.010 for 0

Is it possible to merge my Visa debit card on paypal site?

I don’t have a Credit card and I want to use my Visa debit card to pay for the online purchases using Paypal accout. I just created a account in Paypal, however, I didn’t confirm my card. So what do you think? Will they accept my Visa debit card? Is there anyone using their debit card to purchase online products?
Note: If someone sends me money, How can I receive?