How to know if tenant residing in my property(in Nasik,maharashtra) has bought flat / land /elsewhere?

Our old tenant’s son is paying measly rent of rs.20/month. I am sure he has bought some residence flat somewhere, as he is doing good business of selling “Vada-pau”. he owns a mobike and cell phone . such clever tenants lease out their flats and make a source of self income,, they continue staying in chawls paying low rents, always displaying a show that they are not well off & have no income.

I own a house and have bought another house, doubts regarding tax treatment for IT deduction from my salary?

Iam staying in the first house and have bought another new (second) house on loan (spouse is co-applicant, but not co-owner).What are my tax implications regarding HRA,home loan EMI when filling for IT returns.Incidentally my spouse is also salaried in my same office. PLEASE REPLY.
The first house has no home loan, its only that Iam staying in it and purchased the second home on loan.