Any body interested in making more money? ?

The product is Reliance Insurance…
you’ve to pay 5000rs as premium per year for 3 years
At the end of the third year you can get back the invested money ie., 15000rs
For the first year u’ve to pay 500rs as enrolment fee not for 2nd and 3rd year. It is one time enrollment fee.
This is a binary level marketing. you’ve to enroll 2 people under u and the chain goes on..
Per pair u get 700rs. We can earn upto 120000rs/month.
you take min links for eg., even 2 links is moved every month u get 1400rs. ie., 16800rs / year where u r investing only 5000rs per year
The account gets closed on 30th or 31st of every month.

Be a Boss..Work from home…Work at your leisure time…

No cash or cheque is accepted. only DD(draft) in the name of the company. Rs.5,000/- DD in favour of Reliance Life Insurance Co. Ltd., payable at Coimbatore, One time Registration fee of Rs.500/- (DD in favour of Indus Insurance Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.,)
If interested, kindly contact me at [email protected]