Does these indian politicians have black money in swiss banks?

Yesterday in a national TV i saw an retired income tax commissioner telling the following persons have black money in banks abroad.
1.Vilas rao deshmukh
2.Ahmed patel
3.Sharad Pawar
Supreme court lawyer Ram Jethmalani told that ex- prime miniter Rajeev Gandhi has 2.2 billion in swiss bank as per swiss news paper. He also said that Rahul Gandhi is paid money by KGB.
What do you say?

Why do the Swiss Banks allow people to keep their ill gotten money in their custody?

Black money is a menace for all nations, no doubt. But the Swiss Banks encourage culprits by providing them shelter for their pelf.Does it not amount to betrayal of one nation by another? What if all the nations follow the same banking system of the Swiss and allow persons from all nations to deposit their money -whether legal or illegal- in their banks and thereby teach a lesson to the swiss?

How Should indians bycott switzerland for our black money?

Trillions of indian money is in swiss banks. Switzerland is encouraging black money.
Tax payers money which is right of every indian is with them.

While Millions of indians are suffering due to lack of food, medicine, education, shelter etc, the swiss banks refuse to give back our own money.

What is the best way to bycott switzwerland?

How much Indian black money in Swiss Banks ? Bring back Swiss bank money?

1.Swiss black money can take India to the top

2.Swiss Bank has agreed to disclose the Indian Black Money

3.Supreme Court: Govt should target black money hoarders..

Black money in foreign banks amounts to plunder of nation: Supreme Court
The Supreme Court today expressed displeasure over the government’s reluctance in coming forward with full information on the black money stashed by Indians in foreign banks