what are the best Mutual fund to invest?

What are the best mutual funds to invest for the 2010 year. my plan is investing 6500 rupees per month on various Mutual funds. so im planning to put money 1000 ruppes each so 6 mutual funds planning to buy. but mode of payment is every month. Please suggest which is good MF on what basis. imy planning is to invest for only 3 years max. not morethan that. if 1 year then it will be good.

what is the best LIC plan for a working girl ?

I am planning for open a LIC insurence plan for 10+ yearsb but i am unable to choose the best one. please give me some idea about it. i am a middleclass working girl with a monthly income of Rs. 10,000. Also I am planning for my marriage next year with my own expences too. so keeping in mind which plan would shuite me better for my future. plz help.