Best Child Insurance Plan for my kid?

Hi guys,
My son is just 3 years old, I think he is quite good at drawing and has artistic skills. Maybe he can be a commercial artist or a Interior Designer someday. I was wondering that if I need to secure his education in India, which plan should i go for?
Can you help me out with a good strategy as to which plan should i go for. Any help would be great. Thanks!

what best options for investing lump sum amount of voluntary retirement benefit under current economics India?

Retired employees -in early forties- now jobless -needs to find another job. Under these conditions where they can invest to get good returns, safely and without having tax burden (they don’t have the benefit of Rs. 5,00,000 of tax exemption usually eligible for V.R.S employees
if PF account is closed, what are the options? which shares, Mutual funds gives good returns and are safe?