I want to invest Rs.100000(one lakh only).. but i don’t know how and where for best return…?

I want to invest Rs.100000(one lakh only).. but i don’t know how and where for best return…?
in a time of 2-3 years.. so please help me how and where to invest..
I have a small portfolio also from past 4month..
11 Goldbee (9% growth)
100 DishTV (14% growth)
15 Ipca Lab (13% growth)
15 Coal India (24% growth)

And some of MF SIP (1000/month Each) from Past 4 month
Bilrla Sun Life Eqty Fund Growth (-1.5% Down)
HDFC TOP-200 (G) (+1.5%)
Kotek Gold Fund (G) (+2%)
Rel. RSF Eqty (G) ( +2%)
ICICI Pro Discovery (G) (+8%)

if any “Portfolio/Fund Manager is there please help me about my Investment with that I can Invest about 5000/month too

What is the best for a young man for long term savings, like unit linked pension plan et al. who offers the be

These days there are many options for pension plans with several riders ; A hordes of never heard names are floating in the market , like Aviva, Max Newyork, AXA besides our age old LIC, UTI. All claim to have best track records and offer the best scheme. I do not know whom to trust and do not understand their satistics of track records. Please tell me what is the best and how to comperhend that.

Which is the Best and Cheapest Term Insurance Policy?

am 32 years old. I would like to know the following
1. Which are the companies which provide the best quotes for Term Insurance? Are the quotes for these companies available online?
2. How much Term Insurance Coverage you
3. How many years should I take cover for – is maximum duration really beneficial
4. Are the Private Sector Companies reliable? How are we protected if one of them collapses tomorrow? Or should we go for only LIC and SBI?

Choosing best midcap fund for SIP?

I am setting up SIP for 20 years, I already started one from Large Cap (HDFC Top 200 Equity) Growth for Rs. 1000.
Planning to set up one from Mid cap and one one from Balanced fund for Rs. 1000 each.
Out of the below plz suggest which I can choose from….

Reliance :-
Reliance Growth Fund – Growth Plan. (Current NAV: 453.48)
Reliance Long Term Equity Fund – Growth (Current NAV: 14.82)

SBI :-
SBI Magnum Global Fund Growth (Current NAV: 52.03)
SBI MSF Umbrella Contra Growth (Current NAV: 55.39)

All the above are Equity funds. So plz suggest one from SBI and one from Reliance if those are good ones.
Or shall i go with ICICI Discovery Fund – Growth (NAV: 45.26) midcap fund ?

Thanks in advance.
Reliance Growth Fund – Growth Plan.
Reliance Long Term Equity Fund – Growth
I am confused out of these 2 which one to choose. Please suggest. Thanks