How to register company in Andhra Pradesh , India. for IT business and better Tax benefits?

Hi All,

I would like to register company in Andhra Pradesh , India.
This new company will be doing business in Information Technology area.
And it will be child or sister concern company for USA based company.

Could any one give us detailed procedures on how to register company and different types of companies and different tax structures and where is the best location in Andhra Predesh to get more tax benefits?

And kind of help is greatly appreciated.


What are the IT benefits one can avail on a second home ?

i bought a flat 5 years back in banglore and a loan running for 20 years ( another 16 years )- its a joint loan between myself and spouse. Now i picked up a small villa property only land in a gated community . should i construct a house , rent it or move in . a bit confused. is it a good investment or another flat was a better investment . i need to another loan of around 25 lacs .

the govt promoted home loan and in the new income tax code wants to eliminate benefits. it is fair.?

the governement allowed all sorts of benefits on houme loans and now in the new income tax code, it is to be eliminated. is it fair. how do you take it. besides all financial benefits including pensionary benefits are to be taxed. where is the incentive. there is no meaning for welfare savings. should not the home loan benefit be continued to promote housing sector.

Benefits of Housing Loan?

Friends need some help on Tax Exemption on housing loan.

Assuming I get 10 L as CTC, I already pay around 50,000 for Insurance and around 36,000 for Tax Exemption MF. I have recently taken a home in Bangalore at 29 L and the loan from the bank is 23 L. The house is planned to be surrendered by Nov 2011. But the bank SBI has already started taking EMI from this month APR 2011.

Can some one help me with the details above about the tax exemption I can get on buying a home.