I want an advise, my grandfather has owned a property , He died before making the property on his own name and?

before making a will. He has left 4daughters and one son behind. Can this property be dividable in these five children of his. Three of his daughters are not willing to take the property as they are going to let by. Now my question is if the property is done on my grandfather name , then will my mother can the share of the property even if the other 4 childrens dont sign the papers. As the other four are not bothered or they are not willing to handover the property share of my mother.

After you turn someone in for tax fraud, how long is before they are audited?

The IRS received the information – appropriate form and a copy of the tax return – on Feb. 7th or so. I wondered how long it will be until this person receives a notice of audit.
He’s my current husband. I could not file with him because of not trusting his numbers. It’s between 12 and 28K of deductions that he many not have been due. Hope they get around to him soon.