Please intimate what is the legal position on the aforesaid matter.
1.A property (house) is in joint name (two brothers) and took joint housing loan. Thereafter, a written partition was made on the property (house). 1st applicant is agreed to pay the loan 1/2 of the instalment. Whereas the 2nd applicant is not paying the loan. The bank tried to deduct whole amount from the 1st applicant only. Please advice, what action may be taken by the 1st applicant to secure his portion in the house. The bank told that they will attach whole property.

How do i become a Mutual Funds agent/broker ?

I want to sell MFs and earn money through selling MFs. What kind of certification is required ? Can I sell MFs of more than one company ? Do I need to register with different MF companies ? How is the commission calculated and what is the frequency of commission payment by MFs company? Is it monthly; quarterly or annually?

I consult SBI insurence agency They saying first I have to introduce 10 members to become a agent. Is it true.?

Hi all,
I am presently working in a Hospital and has good relations with every one i meet. I have some free time and want to convert these relations into useful manner. So I want to become a part time SBI insurance agent. I consult an agency and they are saying that first I have to introduce 10 members (for this they didnt pay any commission), then i have to pass IRDA exam. After that i will get agent licence. I did’nt understand what he is saying is true or lie.
So please tell me the procedure to join directly as SBI Life insurence Corporate adviser / broker.