Regarding Interest on Fixed Deposit?

I am having Rs 2 Lakh Fixed deposit in Nationalized bank of india and it got due this month however some reason i could not renew Fixed deposit receipt, if i am going to renew it after six month, during the six months period will i be able to get a interest on fixed deposit or not please let me know

First of all I am not very sure if the loan taken ANY fixed deposit is a secured loan.?

Secondly, I also want to know if, I take a loan against a fixed deposit and I am not able to repay it, at the maturity date, I shall have a liability towards bank.
As far as basic logic says, bank did not lend any money to me and what I have is a part of my deposit.Why should bank ask for more money from me then?

Any pointer links to Reserve bank of India with norms for these conditions shall be helpful.

How to write a cheque for another city?

I am staying at Sonepat Haryana , India and has an account in hdfc bank here.My brother stays at Raipur Chhattisgarh he has an account of state bank of India. I want to send a cheque to him . How can I send I mean please guide me how to write first line in the cheque .

Is there a method to transfer money to paypal account through an account from an Indian bank?

I want to purchase an item online which asks for a paymet mode through Paypal. I have an online account with SBI (State bank of India), a popular banking chain across India. Can I transfer the equivalent sum from this account to paypal and then make the required payment online? If not, what is the best course of action for such a situation? A practical solution would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!