Bank of Baroda location?

Can anyone please tell me where Bank of Baroda is located in Sector 15, Gurgaon? I need some directions to reach it…any landmark or rough idea would also help me..
Searching for it while in sector 15 would waste a lot of time…
it is the only BoB branch in Gurgaon that is open from 8 am to 8 pm…
Called the branch for the details, but like every sarkari bank, did not help much!

need 4 lakhs loan to fund study(expected ctc 70000 by jun 2011).hav 50000 loan at icici so cibil -ve?

worked infosys 3.5 yrs by dec 2008. lost job then. could get into job later as market was still recovering. lost nov 2009. with pension money from mother and little help from friends, got into a tier 1 college in gurgaon. 1 year executive mba program here. 3 more monthe left for college completion. placements are on and i sure am expection 9lakh+ salary.

out of total 9 lakhs fee, i am yet to manage 4 lakhs.

i had taken 2 loans from icici during my job days. but after loosing jobs, i couldn’t pay emi’s on time. now total 50000 loan amount is pending. My cibil is showing -ve.

due to which banks are not giving me loan.

our college has tie up with PNB, which rejected due to this reason. I am have applied to Bank of baroda which also has tie up but still waiting.


can anyone advice?