How to complaint about this bank?

I am getting repeated calls from citi bank asking me to buy a citi bank credit card,i told them many times i am not interested but still i am getting the calls which is disturbing me.Can anyone guide me how to complain and to whom to complain it.

How to increase the credit card Credit Limit ..I am confused?

I am using CIti bank Credit Card
My credit limit which the Bank has allotted was on the basis of mine first job but now i am into my second job and i getting double salary here ….I had a word with customer support people regarding the same ,They guided me to send them the latest salary slip.After doing that also i got a response that they can’t do any thing on it
Kindly be patient may be in future they will increase
can any one guide me what should i do now

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Vijay bank credit card not accepted by pay pal?

i have a vijay bank “Classic” credit card.but when i tried to link my “classic” credit card it was not accepted by paypal.i want to know whether my credit card is for domestic use only.On the credit card its written valid only in india and nepal.And if it is,is there any other method of linking my credit card with paypal.i want to shop online to purchase an item in USA.
Please help.thanks in advance

how to increase credit limit in axis bank credit card?

i am using axis bank credit card for nearly 8 months i am paying my bill correctly before date but they havent increased my credit limit till now should i ask them to in increase the credit limit or they will increase it on their own after a year usage ? any tips for using credit card will be usefull too ,thanks