Bajaj allianz Fortune Plus size one renew or not?

In 2008 on request of my one friend i take this policy for tax saving F and saving purposes. the premeium amount is 15000/- and frequency is yearly . my last premium was due on 26 sep 2010 but can’t submit due to personal problems . now i want to renew the policy is it possible i can renew the policy? is it good for me ? I am 35 year old ? is this policy give me mediclam cover also.

fortune Plus Size one?; the policy premium term is of 20 years.

Your policy is in ?Lapse? status and the premium due date is on 26-SEP-2010, your policy had 30 days of grace period.

Can anyone please enlighten me more about the life insurance scheme of Bajaj Allianz?

It seems we have to pay lumpsum Rs.12000/- p.a.for 3 years.
As soon as you pay the first 12000/-, you can either choose if you want to take a insurance plan or to buy products.
The insurance policy is for 20 years.
For accidental death you get so much of Rs. &
For natural death you get so much…
If you wish to back out, after 3 years you can even withdraw it. You will get it with interest.
The co. invests your money in mutual funds & after 20 years they pay you depending upon the return of investments.
The other part is the business plan which is optional.
You have to make 2 members under you i.e.A & B. Then they have to again make 2 members & so on.
As the branch starts expanding, you are paid some 1000 Rs. per head…

Many people are taking this policy. I am also interested in taking but before that I want to know the full details of this scheme, the pros & cons etc.

I want to invest money in SIP for my retirement & kid’s education &marriage. How is bajaj capital.San-Canada

Since last 3 years i am in Canada. I have one son.I am 35 years old. I made some good savings in Canada. Now, i am coming back to india. I am thinking to invest my money in SIP for my retirement and also for my son’s education and his marriage. I read about Bajaj Capital and its SIP plans. Can you suggest me should i have to go with it or not? If there is another good scheme or plan for my purpose; please send me your reply.
I preffered to invest in government sector . or you can suggest any good mutual fund .