how to avoid capital gain taxes on a land sale?

how many properties can a person invest in from the capital gained from a property sale to avoid capital gain taxes? can one invest in more than one property and buildings or is the tax exemption for one property and a building on that property only? and is there any limit in investing in national bonds or on property or building?

How to avoid capital gain tax?

I purchased a sight in 1993 for Rs 30,000/-. I developed it with ac sheet roof shed but i have not shown the development in my records. i sold this property for Rs 4,70,000/- in financial year 2009-10. I am also deposited Rs 9,00,000/- in state bank for one year. Now i purchased an old Cinema theater its not in running condition with this money. suggest me how to avoid capital gain tax?

How to avoid long term capital gains tax?

I, my sister and my mom are legal heirs of my late fathers property worth 75 lakhs in chennai. If we sell it do all 3 of us have to invest 25 lakhs each in a new property to avoid tax? can we buy 2 flats worth 37.5 lakhs each for myself and my sister and use my mom as joint property owner in both the flats to avoid paying capital gains tax?