What is the minimum age to avail car loan?

I just turned 18 in September (2007, obviously), and I want to buy a car. My monthly income is well over 80,000 and I was wondering if I can avail car loan in India.

If yes, then which bank?
I just checked out some bank websites. They all say 21 is the minimum age. Ouch!

Any clues?

How to avail TDS exemption on a bank Fixed Deposit Interest in name of charitable trust society?

Please also mention necessary forms to be submitted along with?
I am having a charitable trust account with a Bank and in same name also have Fd’s with them?
Recently I was told that TDS will be deducted on these Fd’s as interest crosses threshold limit and this
we cant exempt even if your trust is income tax exempted or if you submit any declaration?

Can college going students get a Credit Card ?

Credit Card is generally given to Salaried persons and businessmen. And the credit card issued has “credit limit” equal to the amount they have in their Bank Account. It requires a maintenance fee. And each credit is issued at some interest.

So can students get a credit card ? Is there anything else I need to be careful abt Credit Cards ?

How I will get land purchase loan?

I am a central govt employee in tamilnadu.my salary is around Rs. 20,000.property costs 15 lakhs. Whats the max. Amnt of loan I can avail.how much interest? Which bank provide loan with min interest and less procedure?