my home is name of my wife and loan is sanctioned my joint name,am i entitled to avail tax exemption on this.?

i have my own home in Gujarat for which i have taken a loan from icici bank and i am availing income tax exemption. now i wish to loan transfer to SBI. my home is name of my wife, she is a housewife and she is not availing any benifit on that home. Am i entitled to avail tax exemption on this loan? Bankofficer says no, because home is not my name.

Can my husband avail home loan when i own the land?


I am married and own a piece of land in my name. We wish to build our own house but only when we avail a bank loan. I am employed in a small private concern which does not have a strong background But my husband works for an MNC and eligible for getting loan. Will we be able to avail loan or should i change the property to the name of my husband to get the home loan? Need help.

What are the IT benefits one can avail on a second home ?

i bought a flat 5 years back in banglore and a loan running for 20 years ( another 16 years )- its a joint loan between myself and spouse. Now i picked up a small villa property only land in a gated community . should i construct a house , rent it or move in . a bit confused. is it a good investment or another flat was a better investment . i need to another loan of around 25 lacs .