How could Holland be made whose land is below sea level by 30 feet & how are waste water thrown in the sea?

Waste water will be returned to lower level by the sea of higher level. Can not a big Tsunami or cyclone destroy entire Holland ? When was the land of Holland extracted from the sea & made human livable in how many days ? Can Maldives too be increased in area similarly which is facing getting drowned slowly because of Global Warming ? Will the world over help Maldivian people ?

Please suggest a good strategy to earn from stock market?

I want to invest 50K , and i am expecting atleast 2k returns per month.
Please do not suggest that stock market is not good or invest for long time etc etc.
I want strategy to earn from stock market atleast 2 k per month for 50k.
Will be very much grateful and if required i am ready to pay the charges to share the stragegy provided that it really works(Proven). Also please do not suggest join this tips service or so.