How could Holland be made whose land is below sea level by 30 feet & how are waste water thrown in the sea?

Waste water will be returned to lower level by the sea of higher level. Can not a big Tsunami or cyclone destroy entire Holland ? When was the land of Holland extracted from the sea & made human livable in how many days ? Can Maldives too be increased in area similarly which is facing getting drowned slowly because of Global Warming ? Will the world over help Maldivian people ?

Please suggest a good strategy to earn from stock market?

I want to invest 50K , and i am expecting atleast 2k returns per month.
Please do not suggest that stock market is not good or invest for long time etc etc.
I want strategy to earn from stock market atleast 2 k per month for 50k.
Will be very much grateful and if required i am ready to pay the charges to share the stragegy provided that it really works(Proven). Also please do not suggest join this tips service or so.

tata aig jeevan lakshya?

Has anyone invested in “tata aig jeevan lakshya”? Is it a good investment? After investing only I realisesed that 35% of the amount is already gone on paying commissions and other charges, only 65% is invested in equity and bonds. If I want to come out of it today, is there an option to come out? Will I get atleast that 65% invested in equity (60%) and bonds (40%) Please help, thank you.

Which policy should I invest in?

I am 27, and planing to invest Rs. 25K – 30 K in policy’s annually . Till now I am having LIC’s ULIP policy (for 10K), which is running into its third year. But planning to stop it after few years. Apart from it, I dont have even a basic medical policy. Neither do I have any basic idea about tons of policy’s available in market !!

So dear friends, guide me in following matters:

My basic requirements are: life cover, medi claim (which includes accident cover also i suppose), post retirement benefits (planning to retire at 55+), and flexibility to surrender policy with minimal damage (will keep policy of atleast 13 years).

Friends my question is, whether to buy different policy’s to suit my requirement ( i suppose some of my requirements can be clubbed together) , or get some policy with all that in it ( i m not sure if there is 1 with all that) ??

Also, by seeing the resent up and downs in market i m not sure is it best to invest in policy which has 100% proportion in market .

Please HELP

I am looking forward for a loan with 12% direct simple interest?

I need a loan with 12% or less rate of interest atleast for 1 to 2 years. I am ready to pay simple interest by every quarter,halfyearly or annualy. The lender can inform in prior may be 1 or 2 weeks earlier if he needs it back partiaaly or fully. Can anyone suggest me some better ways to meet such lenders directly..