How is LIC nomura asset management company?

I have found few jobs in LIC nomura asset management company but I have no idea about its ranking. I have went through its website. But still I am not sure that is it worthy to work there as an Assistant. I am a post graduate and want to have good career. I know it is a government company. Can anyone please tell me more about this company? What is its ranking? When I searched for some top companies of asset management I found LIC nowhere in the list.Please help me. Avoid links , your personal experience please.

mutual funds???

I am planning to invest in mutual funds around 50k, for a short term, might not extend beyond 3-4 months, that would yeild the most. I want to know which is the better one in india?? and would it be possible to know where the firm has been investing???? Please Help me.
When i checked the for past 3 years, i couldnt find any dip for the 3 month investments( correct me if i am wrong). I want to increase my money as much as possible in the shotest duration. SInce, I am new to this i would want to play safe and also. Would it be possible for you to let me know what are the other forms of safe investments. or which mutual fund to go for, i could see that the magnum global fund has yeilded 22% and principal tax savings has yeilded 18.5% do you think that these will continue to appriciate or are they saturated or which one might appreciate the most for the next 3 months.
and also what do you mean by money market fund??

What would happen to you, when Govt. will take over all assets of a dead person like a tax for redistibution?

Unearned assets which are received in inheritance after death of any relation widen the asset disparity. Corruption will also decrease when one knows that why to collect unreasonable assets when it will be taken by Govt.
Your reaction on feasibility of such kind of radicalism?
Estates should be only for life estates, not in perpetuity. Because of perpetuity one wish to enjoy at the cost of others who are being deprived even to get their basic need satiated.

How about investing in Thornburg Mortgage Inc?

We all know Thornburg went bust but survived due to private capital injection. Losses have been managed till now, with its branches intact It all means a mortage firm starting again as good as a new one. But the catch here is, this firm has an established business, some asset and an experience private investor to back. So do you folks think at $ 0.07 Thornburg can be a good investment for the next boom.

What are the conditions about gold loan repayment.If one fail to depoit intrest on fix tenure what'll result.?

Dear reader,

For any kind of loan, taken against a particular asset, you have to stay very much careful.
If defaults keep on happening, your asset can be taken over by the financer.
Please refer the loan agreement's terms & conditions, which you have received at the time of taking a loan.
Most of the times, if your financer is a reputed company, then will inform you about defaults & ask for explanations. It will also inform you the possible actions which can be taken.