What should be ideal portfolio to include all asset kinds ?

I have Rs3,00,000 to be invested for financial year 2010-11 which is amount after deducting all of my liabilities. I have decided to invest Rs 1.56,000 in real estate per annum. What other assets financial instruments shoukd I include in my portfolio to create a best portfolio. What percentage of equity and non equity assets should consititure my portfolio. ?

How to do planned asset allocation in mutual fund?

Suppose a person aged 35 years with monthly savings of Rs 10,000 wants to invest in mutual funds. How should he proceed? He needs to purchase a flat in 5 years (Rs 25L), needs to raise one kid, help complete his education and prepare for retirement at the same time. How can he achieve all these aims by suitably planning asset allocation?

Advise on portfolio and asset allocation?

I am 42, an NRI Engineer and my monthly saving is Rs.2 lakhs that I want to invest properly.

My current investment is as follow:

1.40 lakhs in mutual funs invested so far in mutual funds via SIPs
2.5 lakhs in gold
3.5 lakhs to relative with 1% interest
4.25 lakhs in NRE FD with interest rate of 3-4%
5.PPF- Rs.3.5 lakhs
6.MIS total Rs.5 lakhs

Currently investing one lakhs per month, Via SIP in the following mutual funds.
(10,000 X 10 funds = One lakhs per month)

1.Reliance Regular Saving Equity
2.Birla Sun life frontline Equity
3.Reliance Growth
4.HDFC Equity
5.HDFC Prudence
6.HDFC TOP-200
7.Birala Sunlife Mid cap fund
8.Birala Sunlife 95 Fund
9.IDFC Premier Equity Fund
10.Kotak-30 fund

Please guide me for the following.

1.About asset allocation
2.Selection of funds
3.Where I should invest my remaining saving of Rs. One lakhs per month? I don’t need any money for next 6 years.
4.For debt investment, as an NRI what options are best – MIP? Debt funds?

Regards and I am really poor at finance


invested in “bajaj allianz asset allocation fund” premium of 12000 anually…?

hi my dad has invested in” bajaj allianz asset allocation fund” premium of 12000 yearly… we bought at 10 unit price…in 08.. now its on 13.47 latest figures…its should we hold???…what is its scope in an year…
again also invested in “BAJAJ ALLIANZ ACCELERATOR MID-CAP FUND” 20000 premium yearly…at unit price 14.4..in 07…now its 21.8 latest figures…whats its scope in about an year…