Can I buy warrants traded on BSE into my demat account?

I want to buy warrants of a company. The warrants are traded on Bombay Stock Exchange. I have a demat account and I often buy & sell shares in the markets. I am not sure about buying warrants. Can I buy warrants from BSE and hold them in my demat account ? Are warrants and dematerialized shares treated equally?

Whether benefit of deduction u/s 80GG is not available for pension income which is taxable under u/s 15?

I retired from Government service in April,2007. In April,2007 salary including house rent allowance for March and April,07 were received. House rent allowance is not received for the remaining months of 07-08FY along with the monthly pension. Is it possible to claim deduction u/s 80GG from the pension income credited to my bank a/c during 07-08 FY particularly when pension is taxable under the head salary?