TATA AIG invest assure apex plan what is it?

i want to invest in it . what is it exactly.
how the apex NAV is calculated
how many year i hav to invest in it
and approx gain i will hav
thanks to all in advance
what is the minimal amount i hav to invest.
suppose i hav to invest 40000 then is there any smilar pla

Good Guaranteed return pension plan ????

Please suggest a Good and Best Pension Plan of any company (private or government) which gives me a guaranteed return approx 25000/- every month (as pension) after 20 years up to my death and then after to my wife up to her death and then lumsum amount to my Son also.
Right now premium does not matter.
100% risk free plan.
Don’t suggest any market linked plan please…
Here is 20 yrs tenure/period. In this tenure unfortunately i will die between the ccompletion of tenure the policy gives lumsum amount to my dependent (wife or son) and also pension to my wife and son.
Presently i am 30 years old and my wife is 27 years old and Son is 06 months old.

Mutual funds question?

I dont understand the calculations here NAV etc.
Can anyone tell how much will I get if I invest
50000 (for 1 year) in a mutual fund. Please tell me
according to the prevailing rates (NAV etc)
Which is the mutual fund which give more returns
as well as tax benefits (India)
can u say the approx value if not exact
for 3 years