Mutual Fund application , should I put Nominee or put 2nd name of my child ? pl guide me seriously?

I am 81 indian woman husband expired and I am applying for 5 mutual fund of same type and putting each of 5 child’s name as the beneficiary in each mutual fund. When I am no more , each one will get an Mutual fund of equal worth , & at the same time I will not be short of cash if required. But Same procedure 5 times at this age is cumbersome, is there any simple way?

Application for release of interest money from bank?

Basically, I have an old account in a bank. Accidentally they have debited some money from my account to someone’s other two years back. This has been settled and I have been repaid that amount.

Now I want to claim for interest on that amount from the bank for the tenure two years.

Please help me in writing an application for the same.
Its a saving account and interest is paid on this

what contains in the lic agent application form?

I have sent application form to lic of India to become a lic agent, application filled by a lic development officer. so i didn’t read that apllication and i signed it. Now that application has sent to LIC OF INDIA. Is there any posibilities to get a copy of that application form. if no means , is there any problem going to occure in the future regarding this?

where to check pan card application status?

I applied for a new pan card through UTI. Which site to go to, to check the status of the application. i was alloted a 9 digit coupon number and my application also consists of 9 digits. but the website repeatedly asks for a 15 digit acknowledgement number.

How to withdraw money from PayPal Account?

Especially in India. Here they don’t transfer money directly to bank accounts. One option is to ask a cheque but that would take too long time.

Any ideas of how money can be withdrawn through Western Union / Moneygram.(by some exchanger)?

cash2india and remit2india doen’t seems to help. They don’t accept indian paypal accounts for money transfer within the country.

Thanks in advance.