Help me out to answer these interview questions?

How to answer the below questions
” Why do you want to pursue the job of a bank clerk?”
“Why do you want to enter banking?”

Currently working as a software enginneer.i am planning to attend bank clerical job.Could someone help me out to tackle these questions.Please pour in your valuable suggestions/advice to clear the interview
Hi Rahul, that is something personal and i dont think i have to answer you for that. If you dont have an answer just ignore my question and mind your business.

Forgot to file something on my taxes this year?

I have already filed my taxes for this year and just realized a major error.

My per the ITR, my taxable income is about Rs. 8 lakhs. But actually, it is about Rs. 8.8 lakhs.

Should I submit an amendment to my ITR, and how to do it? Is this a serious issue, and should I be concerned about this error?

BTW, I completed studies and started working last year, and this is the second time I’m filing my taxes.

Accounting Question? (3) Multiple Choice?

A company borrowed $300,000 cash from the bank by signing a 5-year, 8% installment note. The present value of an annuity at 8% for 5 years is 3.9927. Each annuity payment equals $75,137. The present value of the note is:

a) $75,137
b) $94,013
c) $300,000
d) $375,685
e) $1,197,810

show work please…. thank you.

Do grand children get the share of property of maternal grand parents, according to Indian law?

My maternal have three children (my mother, my aunt and my uncle). Grandparents died without making a will. Now that property is still unsolved. What happens in case of death of my mother, if still that property remains un shared. On that property both my uncle and un married aunt staying. Please answer if you are only Indian.
@ kcsadvocate – Sir, what happens after the death of my mother, do we (her children) have to right to partition suit?