How to invest in Indian Mutual Funds Online?

I am looking for an easy way to make investments in the best performing mutual funds from India.
Basically I want an online account that allows me to not only invest lumsum but gives me an ability to invest through SIPs – systematic investment plans in funds like: HDFC, KOTAK, ICICI, FIDELITY, SBI, HDFC, etc.

Can anyone let me know how can I buy/sell or purchase mutual funds units online and manage my investment solution completely online?

give information abt share agreement bwn land owner and builder?

i am planning to buy flat in bangalore. when i verified all documents, i came to know that the agreement which has share (50% and 50%) bwn land owner and builder has been registered. But the agreement which has exact share(which flat belongs to whom ) is not registered. is this agreement also need to be registered?

What is the procedure for transfer of title of property from Joint owners to single owner?

My Father had purchased the property in Ahmedabad (India) 30 years ago, which was jointly registered in the name of my FATHER, GRANDMOTHER (Deceased), UNCLE & AUNTY.

Now today, we want to transfer the title of the property in the name of my FATHER with mutual consent of Uncle & Aunty without any dispute.

What is the procedure to do so? Are there any charges to be incurred? Is there any stamp duty to be paid? Please elaborate!

Thank you!!