What will be charges if I surrender my ULIP plan with Bajaj Allianze?

I had purchased a policy with bajaj allianz (ULIP) which was life insurance + mutual fund (as the broker told me, I don’t know really well).

Premium paid by me:
1st 70000 (Aug 2007)
2nd 70000 (Aug 2008)
3rd 70000 (Aug 2009)

I was told to pay first three premiums only & also I was promised to earn very good return on it (almost double in three to four years, which didn’t happened).

Now, I want to withdraw my money back. I recently checked balance, and it was 2,11,000 — which is 1000 bucks added to my 2,10,000 in three years.

Can I know What amount they will cut down, if I decide to withdraw my money?
Any other advise is welcome,too.

which is superior ICICI Life or allianze bajaj?

i have been investing in allianze bajaj (unit link) for three years. this year i can withdraw money and invest in other. i dont know status of other companies to invest my hard earn money. can any boddy tell me whether ICICI is best for investment so i can get good returns…