Why insurance agent do not market term insurance?

I am working in an IT company & agent comes to our company for marketing ULIPs. By reading various articals on ULIPs, I now understand the charges & I wonder how these agents hide the charge story partially or completely. Some of my teammates blindly sign on the policy parers & get trapped in the ULIP trap.

I asked all agents for Term Insurance & most of them clearly refuse that they only sell ULIPs.I want to know that why Agents & insurance companies have a single point agenda of selling ULIPs & not market term insurance.

can my insurance agent sign a new policy with a new company without my knowledge?

After tornado hit my home, i found out that my insurance was changed 2 months prior without my knowledge. My personal items was dropped 40,000 dollars. Is this legal? The first insurance company dropped because they no longer give insurance in my state. I exceeded the new personal items of 80,000 dollars and would have been around 100,000 dollars. Something does not feel right.