what is commission structure for mutual fund agent or sub agent of distributor in inida?

suppose some body has ARN and can advise/sell mutual fund.
my question is
!.How much commission (as per industry standard)She/he get on selling mutual fund policy and suppose she/he appoint agent under her what commission she should share with sub agent (as per industry standard if there is any)
2. can she appoint sub agent under her according to rule.
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What is the best way to buy a house in Tacoma or Lakewood WA?

We are looking for to buy a house and .
There are so many agents and websites and prices listed.
Do we need to go through a real estate agent only?
Is there any Government agency which can help us find a cheap deal or should we contact banks if they have foreclosure properties.
Please guide us,we are confused on how to find a cheap deal.