Age 32, Self-employed, 2 lacs/annum, can my dad invest 3 lacs in postal MIP with no tax burden on me?

I am working in BPO as a free-lancer in India. Recently I heard about Indian Post Office MIP being a good option for monthly income. In fact, would like to know if any other such equally safe option is available to me too.

My question is if I can ask my father who is a retired govt service man to invest around 3 lacs in my name so as to the interestes accrued can be used by me. But of course, would not like it if it gives me any extra tax burden. As of now, I have around 2 lacs/annum of income against which I invest in LIC/PPF to the extent of 60000.

How do I choose a suitable mediclaim policy?

I want to get a mediclaim policy for me (age 34yrs, Indian) and my wife but I do not know how to choose a particular insurance policy. What are the factors one should look for before deciding? In fact it seems that many companies offer more or less the same benefits. Should I go for public or private sector company? Are family floater plans useful for tax saving purpose as well?

Want to invest 1 lack for tax saving & need advice about a tax saving scheme or I I pay tax & invest in gold?

I want lan to invest Rs. 100000 for tax saving for the current financial year. Can you suggest which is the best scheme
in HUF and Individual age 80 year mother , age 50 Huband, age 45 wife , age 18 year old child or just invest in gold after paying tax

I should go for Top 5 tax Saving Mutual Fund based on lat 1 year returns

* SBI Magnum Tax Gain 1993
* Birla Sunlife Tax Relief 1996
* Sundaram BNP Paribas Tax Saver
* Franklin India Tax Shield
* Prudential ICICI Tax Plan

I should Gof for insurance
Max New york Life

i dont have ppf account

Transfer procedure in sons name of all assets?

My Father has expired. I am the only child and my mother is surviving (age 65). He has Fixed Deposits, Shares, Bank accounts, house in his name. He has not left any will and his accounts do not have nominee. We all are indians staying in maharashtra.
Please guide me how to transfer all the above either in my mothers name or preferably in my name considering her old age. If any documents need to be prepared please give me a proforma for the same.